Our conference brings together a plurality of people involved in medical education. We aim to create a space to discuss various best practice examples such as longitudinal integrated clerkships, student run clinics etc. that show that students can contribute to an increased patient orientation in health care in different countries. Moreover, we believe that ideas by students in training can have a significant potential to generate future models. We want to create a space to present and exchange ideas and commonly think of ways to implement those into a more demand-oriented education.

Therefore, we offer all student-run projects and initiatives the opportunity to apply for the participation in the conference. Our conference website will have a section with all initiatives being presented with a photo and a short introductory text. This information on participants will be published before conference starts in November. The actual programme module will take place on November 4, 2020, 6 to 7:30pm (CET). At this point, in addition to the formerly visible short presentation, a previously filmed short-film of each initiative will go online.

To harmonise the presentation of the projects and initiatives, all applicants should consider the questions listed below when presenting their work.

As we believe that an interaction between introducer and listener is crucial, a function on our website will allow to make contact with each other via a live video room. This allows to pose questions or share further information.

Subsequent to the event, the videos will remain on our website and can be accessed online. 

If you are interested to present your work at the conference, you can apply by sending the following

  • a short introductory text describing your work (with a maximum of 250 words, please submit in Word (.docx) format)
  • a picture of the initiative founders or active members

Please use the Submit an Abstract button

At the same time you should register online via the Registration button

Registration and Application will be open  from now on until September 20, 2020.

By September 30, 2020 we will inform via email which contributions are accepted

If your presentation is accepted

  • a video with the approximate length of 90 seconds (anything up to 150 seconds is accepted), answering the following questions
    • Who are you as an initiative? (short description of your work)
    • How did you get the idea to start your project?
    • What is the potential of your work and the impact for an improved patient centred health?
    • What do students learn and how could your project be embedded in medical teaching?


For any questions concerning the conference or application process or any proposals please do not hesitate to contact us via We look forward to receiving your application.